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Beamz Interactive, Inc. (Beamz) is a technology and development company that passionately believes inclusive interactive music making and learning experiences enrich the lives of all people of any age, physical or cognitive ability. Beamz has developed an interactive music system that enables anyone, at any age, to have fun playing musical instruments, regardless of musical experience or ability, by simply touching light beams with their hands.


Product Development:

  • UI/UX: Lolay collaborated with Beamz to define the user experience and functionality of the iOS and Android apps. This included designing intuitive interfaces for controlling the Beamz X4 lights, triggering sound effects, and creating unique musical experiences. 
  • Prototyping and iterative testing: Utilizing rapid prototyping tools to refine the app functionality and ensure a seamless user journey, including hardware integration with the Beamz X4 devices through Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE).
  • Project management and agile development: Employing agile methodologies to ensure efficient development, constant communication, and flexibility to adapt to client feedback.
  • Intellectual Property: Increased Beamz Interactive’s patent portfolio through unique and newly pioneered software designs and processes.

Mobile Application Development:

  • Native iOS and Android apps: Built with platform-specific technologies for optimal performance and integration with each operating system.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity: Developed custom code to seamlessly connect the apps to the Beamz X4 hardware via BTLE.
  • Real-time control of lights and sound: Enabled users to manipulate music parameters, lighting effects, and visual projections in real-time from their smartphones.
  • Interactive features: Incorporated features like custom playlists, gesture control, and social sharing to create immersive and engaging music experiences.
  • Music library and content: The Beamz Music Interactive system went to market with dozens of content libraries, each catering to diverse user expectations and preferences. The experiences were designed to work without an internet connection, ensuring smooth performance during live events.

Backend Development:

  • Scalable server infrastructure: Built a cloud-based server to handle user authentication, data storage, and communication between the apps and the Beamz X4 hardware.
  • API integration: Developed RESTful APIs for secure data exchange between the mobile apps and the server.
  • Real-time data processing: Implemented mechanisms to handle the constant stream of data from the Beamz X4 and ensure responsive app performance.


Lolay's expertise in product development, iOS and Android development, and hardware integration proved instrumental in the success of the Beamz X4 mobile apps. By understanding Beamz Music Interactive's vision and delivering a user-centric solution, Lolay helped empower prospective artists and elevate the experience of interactive music for audiences worldwide.

  • Successful launch of the Beamz mobile apps: Lolay delivered user-friendly, feature-rich apps that met and exceeded Beamz Music Interactive's expectations.
  • Enhanced user experience: The apps empowered creators to effortlessly control their Beamz X4 systems and deliver captivating music experiences for audiences.
  • Increased market reach: The mobile apps broadened Beamz Music Interactive's customer base by making the Beamz X4 more accessible and user-friendly. 
  • Improved brand image: The seamless integration of technology with the Beamz X4 hardware solidified Beamz Music Interactive's reputation as a leader in interactive music technology.

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