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In 2010, Apple unveiled the iPad, a revolutionary device that redefined the tablet landscape. While many companies scrambled to adapt, Lolay, a digital innovation agency, saw an opportunity to craft a truly unique experience. They partnered with eHarmony, a leading online dating platform, to develop the first-ever iPad app specifically designed for fostering meaningful connections.


Lolay partnered with eHarmony in three major areas of software development, ranging from from front-end development to API integration: 

  • Front-End Development: Lolay built a custom native front-end architecture that leveraged all the latest iOS development tools and SDKs. Many of the components were modularized and reusable. 
  • Back-End Development: Lolay worked closely with the eHarmony engineering team to develop fast APIs with compact payloads that would yield fast response times and low data usage when users were on cellular data.
  • API Development and Integration: Lolay integrated with hundreds of API endpoints and resource calls, and built a first-generation caching utility that dramatically increased performance for all eHarmony users.


The eHarmony iPad app, a product of Lolay's innovative thinking and deep experience within the digital dating domain, set a precedent for the future of online dating. It demonstrated the power of tailoring technology to specific platforms and leveraging their unique features to create an exceptional user experience. 

  • Boosted user engagement: Over 50% increase time-in-experience compared to web. The app saw a significant increase in time spent per session and overall user engagement compared to the website.
  • Increased conversions: 11% lift in free to paid conversions. The app led to a higher conversion rate from free users to paying subscribers, leading to millions of dollars of additional revenue during the first year after launch.
  • Positive press coverage: Over 8 million news/press impressions. The app received widespread acclaim from tech and media outlets, solidifying eHarmony's position as a tech-savvy dating platform.
  • Industry recognition: Lolay's work on the app was recognized with several industry awards, including a Webby Award for Best Mobile App.

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