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Citrix partnered with Lolay to build an iOS version of Evensity, a digital experience that helps you connect with people, capture and share valuable information, and get the most out of your event experience. The new app would be native to iOS, optimize the user experience for mobile, and seamlessly integrate with the existing web platform.


Evensity makes business events feel more personal. With more events being held in multiple places and across different platforms, Evensity helps you focus on the things that matter most – making personal connections, capturing valuable content, and sharing your story. The solution included:

  • Content Capture: Capture photos, videos, and notes right from your phone straight to Evensity’s visual timeline. At the end of the event, you can easily access and export everything you capture.
  • Connect: Follow people you care about and share your timeline. Connect with the new people you meet via email and LinkedIn. Stay in conversation with your connections throughout the event and from any location. 
  • Remember Later: Annotate and highlight the most important points and take notes for quick reference after an event.
  • Native iOS: Lolay leveraged its expertise in iOS development to create a smooth and intuitive user experience tailored for iPhones. They utilized native iOS features like location services, push notifications, and camera integration to enhance the app's functionality.
  • Integrated Features: Lolay ensured seamless integration between the iOS app and the existing Citrix platforms. Users could log in with their existing credentials, access the same information and data across both platforms


The app was initially launched for the Citrix Summit in Las Vegas that attracted thousands of participants. The Evensity iOS app was a success measured by exceeding download targets, increased user engagement, and positive feedback at the Citrix Summit.

  • Surpassing Targets: The app exceeded download targets, indicating strong user interest and demand. This suggests effective pre-launch marketing and commercialization strategies.
  • Increased Session Time: Compared to the web platform, users spent significantly more time within the iOS app, highlighting its convenience and value proposition for mobile users.
  • Active User Base: A high percentage of downloaded apps remained active, indicating user satisfaction and continued engagement with the platform's features.
  • Positive Feedback: Attendees at the Citrix Summit in Las Vegas provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the iOS app, praising its ease of use, networking capabilities, and real-time event updates.
  • Boost in Brand Perception: The successful launch and positive reception of the iOS app solidified Citrix's position as a leader in innovative event technology solutions.

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