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This project focused on revamping the Citysearch online platform by leveraging modern web technologies. Led by Lolay, the development team undertook a comprehensive modernization effort, aimed at enhancing user experience, performance, and scalability. Citysearch, a renowned online guide company, sought to remain at the forefront of the industry by providing a smooth and engaging platform for users to explore cities, discover hidden gems, and plan their adventures.


Lolay's successful revitalization of the Citysearch platform showcases the power of adopting modern web technologies. The project exemplifies how embracing advancements can not only enhance user experience and performance but also contribute to a company's competitive edge and brand perception.

  • Front-end overhaul: Replacing outdated frameworks with a modern single-page application (SPA) architecture built on ReactJS and TypeScript. This resulted in a dynamic and responsive interface, ensuring smooth navigation and content rendering across devices.
  • API integration: Implementing robust APIs for accessing and managing core data, including city information, user reviews, and recommendations. This facilitated seamless data exchange between the front-end and back-end, improving data retrieval and utilization.
  • Cloud migration: Transitioning core infrastructure to a secure and scalable cloud platform. This optimized resource allocation, increased uptime, and enabled efficient future expansion.
  • Microservices architecture: Adopting a microservices approach for back-end development, promoting independent development and deployment of functionalities. This enhanced overall agility and facilitated faster updates and feature releases.
  • UI/UX optimization: Conducting user research and implementing data-driven design principles to redesign the user interface. This ensured an intuitive and visually appealing experience, catering to users' needs and preferences.


The modernized Citysearch platform delivered a dynamic and engaging user experience with enhanced performance and scalability. This translated to happier users, faster loading times, and a foundation for future growth, solidifying Citysearch's position as a leading online guide and attracting a wider audience.

  • Enhanced user experience: The platform now boasts a faster and more intuitive interface, leading to increased user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Improved performance: Optimized code and cloud infrastructure resulted in faster loading times and smoother navigation, enhancing user retention.
  • Increased scalability: The new architecture provides a robust foundation for future growth, allowing Citysearch to effortlessly accommodate expanding user base and data volume.
  • Streamlined development: Microservices architecture facilitates faster development cycles and easier feature iterations, allowing the team to stay ahead of industry trends.
  • Stronger brand image: The modern platform reinforces Citysearch's position as a leading online guide, attracting new users and solidifying its reputation in the market.

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