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Huawei worked with Lolay to port smart device applications over to their ecosystem. Foursquare and Calm were the first two experiences ported from Android Wear to native Huawei kits and increased market-share for both of those companies through Huawei’s global communication reach, enabling users to seamlessly access these popular apps on their smartwatches through a leading international infrastructure.


Lolay partnered with Huawei to port two popular applications; Foursquare and Calm. The Huawei and respective teams worked closely on this initiative to: 

  • Huawei Kits: Lolay leveraged several kits from Huawei that increased port-over, including Quick Apps, Awareness, Health and Push.  
  • Front-End Development: Lolay worked closely with teams from Huawei, Calm and Foursquare to ensure major user interfaces, and features were migrated to the new ecosystem.
  • API Integration: Lolay integrated with API endpoints and resource calls from Foursquare and Calm. 


Lolay effectively leveraged Huawei Kits to overcome the challenges of porting popular apps to Android Wear. By providing a seamless and feature-rich experience, Lolay has not only expanded its reach but also enhanced user engagement with Foursquare and Calm on smartwatches. This success story paves the way for further innovation in the Android Wear ecosystem and highlights the potential of Huawei Kits in enabling developers to create exceptional user experiences for smartwatch users.

  • Increased Market Share: Calm and Foursquare saw 14% lift in adoption through the expansion to international markets. Both apps offer a smooth and intuitive experience on Huawei wearables, making them simple and seamless to use.
  • Improved app performance: Quick App Kit ensured smooth performance on resource-constrained smartwatches. Traditionally, Android Wear development requires specialized knowledge and skills but these kits were optimized for memory and CPU utilization out of the gate. 
  • Reduced development time and cost: Huawei Kits' ease of use and pre-built functionalities allowed Lolay to develop the apps faster and more efficiently.

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