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Loyaldash, a revolutionary loyalty point aggregation and management startup, faced the challenge of navigating the fragmented landscape of loyalty programs. Lolay, a leading design and development agency, partnered with Loyaldash to strategize, design, and develop seamless web and iPhone applications from scratch. This project aimed to empower users to effortlessly consolidate and manage their loyalty points across various programs, maximizing their value and simplifying their reward journey.


Loyaldash empowers users to conquer the chaos of loyalty programs. Lolay strategically crafted a user-friendly web and mobile platform where points from any program seamlessly consolidate, tracked, and redeemed. This intuitive design, built on a secure and scalable foundation, has attracted thousands of users and partnered retailers, revolutionizing how consumers maximize their loyalty point potential and brands engage their customer base.

  • Strategic planning: Lolay worked closely with the Loyaldash team to define target audience, user needs, and market positioning. This thoughtful approach led to immediate success on go-to-market.
  • User interface and user experience: Crafting an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface for both web and mobile platforms, prioritizing ease of use and information clarity.
  • Full stack development: Building secure and scalable web and iPhone applications, integrating with a multitude of loyalty program APIs.
  • Revolutionary functionality: Implementing features like point aggregation, program search, reward redemption, and personalized recommendations were a first-of-its-kind in the loyalty industry.
  • Data Security: Robust and modern data security measures were used to protect user information and loyalty program credentials.


Loyaldash exemplifies their expertise in bringing innovative digital solutions to life. Through strategic planning, intuitive design, and robust development, they have created a platform that empowers users, engages retailers, and disrupts the loyalty program industry.

  • Overnight success story: Thousands of users embraced the platform the first month of launch, simplifying their loyalty program management and maximizing the value of their points.
  • Retailer and brand engagement: Loyaldash attracted hundreds of partnerships at launch with various retailers and well-known brands, offering them access to a broader user base and enhanced customer engagement opportunities.
  • On point: Billions of dollars worth of consumer loyalty points were loaded into the Loyaldash ecosystem soon after launch, with millions of points redeemed for various incentives and offerings. 
  • Industry innovation: Loyaldash emerged as a leader in the loyalty program space, paving the way for more efficient and user-centric solutions. The elegant design and ability to attract large brands and partners created sustained buzz and user adoption.

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