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Solyn Skin Fitness Studio


Solyn Skin Fitness Studio, renowned for its innovative approach to skincare in Burbank, California, partnered with Lolay to craft a website that embodied their unique brand identity and elevated the user experience. Lolay's strategic approach and meticulous design resulted in a website that not only captures Solyn's essence but also drives conversions and fosters stronger client relationships.


Lolay tackled challenges such as an outdated web design, confusing navigation, ineffective value propositions and booking difficulties through a comprehensive approach that prioritized both aesthetics and functionality:

  • Brand storytelling: The Lolay team immersed themselves in Solyn's brand story, understanding their core values of "skin fitness" and personalized care. This informed the website's tone, visuals, and messaging.
  • User-centered design: The website was redesigned with a focus on intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and easy appointment booking. High-quality visuals showcased Solyn's inviting studio space and advanced equipment.
  • Intuitive navigation: The website's navigation was completely revamped, making it easy for visitors to find the information they need. A clear menu bar and drop-down menus provide quick access to all relevant pages.
  • Content marketing: Engaging blog posts and testimonials highlighted Solyn's expertise and the transformative results their clients achieve.
  • Seamless booking experience: Lolay integrated a user-friendly booking system that allows clients to schedule appointments online with ease. The system is intuitive and mobile-friendly, making it accessible to everyone.


Lolay's strategic website redesign for Solyn Skin Fitness Studio has demonstrably revitalized their online presence, attracting new clients, strengthening brand perception, and solidifying Solyn's position as the premier skincare destination in Burbank California. 

  • Increased website traffic: The website has seen a 30% increase in traffic since launch, indicating that the new design and improved navigation are attracting more visitors.
  • Higher booking conversion rate: The booking conversion rate has increased by 25%, demonstrating that the user-friendly booking system is making it easier for clients to schedule appointments.
  • Enhanced brand perception: The website has received positive feedback from clients and industry professionals, who praise the modern design and clear communication of Solyn's value proposition.

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