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VIN Viper, a pioneer in the automotive industry, revolutionized vehicle appraisal with its innovative mobile VIN scanner app. Lolay played a pivotal role in this success, designing and building the core user experience across iPhone, Android, and Mobile Web platforms. By leveraging Lolay's expertise in mobile development and user interface (UI) design, VIN Viper empowered dealerships and car enthusiasts with instant access to vehicle information and pricing data, streamlining the appraisal process and transforming the market.


The teams’ focus on user-friendly design, intuitive interfaces, and seamless integration with external data sources resulted in a robust and reliable application that transformed the way people access vehicle information.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface: A streamlined interface across all platforms allowed users to easily scan VIN barcodes or manually enter VIN numbers. The app instantly decoded the VIN and displayed detailed vehicle information, including specifications, features, and options.
  • Seamless data integration: Lolay integrated various data sources, including vehicle history reports, pricing guides (Black Book, NADA, Kelley Blue Book), and auction data, providing users with a comprehensive overview of the vehicle's value and market trends.
  • Customization and personalization: Users could personalize their experience by saving favorite models, setting price alerts, and generating detailed appraisal reports.
  • Cross-platform accessibility: The app was available on iPhone, Android, and Mobile Web, ensuring accessibility for a wider user base, regardless of their device preference.
  • VIN scanning and information: Users could scan VIN barcodes with their smartphone cameras, automatically retrieving vehicle details. VIN Viper decoded VINs, providing accurate data like make, model, year, trim level, engine specifications, and features.
  • Market valuation: The app integrated with industry-leading pricing sources like Kelley Blue Book (KBB) and Black Book, offering real-time estimates of the vehicle's retail and wholesale value.
  • Vehicle history reports: Optional integration with services like Carfax allowed users to access detailed vehicle history reports, including accident records, service history, and ownership information.


By committing to user-centered design, rapid development, and cross-platform expertise, VIN Viper's became a rapid success in the automotive market. The project's success benefited dealerships and consumers, and also propelled the automotive industry towards a more efficient, transparent, and mobile-driven future.

  • Market penetration: As a pioneer in mobile VIN scanning, VIN Viper paved the way for similar technologies, promoting overall industry digitization and became a popular tool among dealerships, auctioneers, and car enthusiasts, setting the standard for mobile VIN scanning technology.
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy: Scanning VINs significantly reduced the time required for vehicle appraisals compared to manual data entry. Access to real-time data minimized human error and ensured accurate valuations.
  • Enhanced transparency: Providing vehicle history reports increased transparency and trust in the buying and selling process. By providing consumers with readily available vehicle information, VIN Viper empowered them to make informed purchase decisions.

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