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This project saw Lolay taking on the design and development of Zip Recruiter's mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, and Android), creating a cohesive and seamless experience for job seekers across all platforms. The goal was to optimize the mobile job search, resume upload, offering intuitive navigation, powerful search filters, and a user-friendly interface that streamlined the application process.


By prioritizing user experience, streamlining the job search process, and offering a native and personalized experience, they helped Zip Recruiter reach a wider audience, improve application rates, and solidify their position as a leading job search platform.

  • Refined search: A powerful and intuitive search engine, allowing users to filter jobs based on location, keywords, salary range, and other relevant criteria.
  • Resume upload and edit: Ability to add, edit and modify your resumes and leverage the Zip Recruiter ecosystem for application and hiring manager visibility.
  • Personalized recommendations: Personalized job recommendations were introduced, utilizing machine learning algorithms to suggest jobs that align with a user's profile and career aspirations.
  • One-click apply: Streamlined application process with pre-filled forms and easy resume upload options.
  • Job alerts and notifications: Real-time updates on new job postings matching user preferences.
  • Multi-device synchronization: Seamless syncing of saved jobs and application status across all devices.
  • Modern and intuitive interface: Clean, user-friendly design for a smooth and enjoyable job search experience.
  • Push notifications: Timely notifications kept users informed about job updates, application status changes, and relevant news regarding their job search.
  • Seamless integration with ZipRecruiter platform: The mobile apps were integrated with the existing ZipRecruiter platform in real-time, allowing users to access their job applications, saved searches, and other data across all devices.


The ZipRecruiter mobile apps significantly impacted not just user engagement but also the overall effectiveness of the platform. Downloads, daily active users, and session times all saw a boost, thanks to the intuitive design, powerful search features, and convenient application process. More importantly, the mobile apps played a key role in increasing successful job placements, proving their valuable contribution to connecting qualified candidates with the right opportunities.

  • Increased mobile app usage: Downloads and daily active users significantly increased, demonstrating user adoption and preference for the mobile platform. Zip Recruiter app downloads soared by a whopping 85% since launch.
  • Improved application rates: Streamlined application process led to a higher conversion rate from browsing to applying for jobs. This translated to a 40% increase in applications submitted directly through the app, and a 25% rise in interview schedules initiated within the platform.
  • Enhanced user engagement: The intuitive design and personalized recommendations kept users actively engaged with the platform. Daily active users (DAUs) climbed by an impressive 60%, showing users weren't just downloading the app; they were actively using it, spending an average of 22% more time per session exploring opportunities.
  • Positive user feedback: The app received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, praising its ease of use and effectiveness. The app maintained a stellar 4.8-star average rating in app stores.
  • Strengthened brand reputation: Zip Recruiter established itself as a leader in the mobile job search space, attracting a wider pool of talent and employers. Net Promoter Score (NPS) soared to 75, indicating users were enthusiastically recommending it to others.

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