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Your ticket to a turbulent-free flight to the cloud or a smooth landing back to on-prem.
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Streamline your journey to the cloud, with our migration expertise. We understand that the journey to the cloud can be daunting, filled with complex decisions and technical intricacies. Good news is, we have migrated thousands of servers hosting SaaS, IaaS and PaaS solutions to cloud or back to on-prem and have partnered closely with all the major providers.

We bring a cloud-agnostic mindset to the table, and make recommendations based on your unique needs and recommend the ideal cloud provider (E.g. GCP, AWS, or Azure) based on your budget, security requirements, existing infrastructure and long-term plans. We prioritize your success, not our platform preferences.

How We Do It

1. Initial Meeting. It starts with a call, Zoom or Meet where we learn more about your project and needs. Typically this is less than 1 hour.  

2. Proposal. We draft an end-to-end migration proposal that will cover: 

  • Security and Compliance: Determination of whether your existing software security paradigm is ready for the migration, along with changes and tools that need to be incorporated in advance of the move. 
  • Data Migration Strategy: A clear path to data migration is time and compute intense. We will make recommendations on tools, processes, and transformations that need to happen prior to and during migration.
  • Timeline and Budgets: The entire migration will be mapped from beginning to end, with key steps and milestones notated for clarity and transparency. This step provides insights into people, compute and storage resources needed, monthly anticipated budgets and will show flash-cut and/or phased migration forks. 
  • Refactors and Rebuilds: Sometimes, things need to be rebuilt or at minimum, refactored. Our architects and senior engineers will deep-dive into areas of your application stack that need to be adjusted and make recommendations. 
  • Downtime Mitigation: Regardless of if your software is 24x7x365 or runs in short intervals at specific times, we will dive into potential risks and make recommendations that minimize downtime for your end customers. 
  • Optimizations: We will also prepare a list of cloud-native or on-prem specific recommendations and changes that will optimize performance, speed and budgets for the various compute and storage resources. 

3. Kick-Off. Once the migration plan and overall commitment has been agreed on, we will schedule the introduction and kick-off meeting with team members from both sides of the table. This meeting will provide project clarity, team member roles and accountability for overall project commitments and next steps. 

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What You Also Get

One size doesn't fit all. Lolay crafts personalized migration strategies for each client. We employ various methods like lift-and-shift for seamless transfer, replatforming for optimized performance, or even refactoring for complete cloud-native transformation. Here are some of the reasons why clients trust us:

  • Cloud Pioneers: We were super early adopters to deploy software to the cloud, when Google App Engine and Amazon Beanstalk were the only solutions in the market. We have evolved since then, migrating software to/from AWS, Azure, GCP and more. 
  • Seamless Transition: We understand the criticality of keeping your business running. Lolay implements meticulous planning and phased deployments to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. Your operations continue uninterrupted, while your future takes flight.
  • Real-World Expertise: Our team boasts seasoned cloud architects, engineers, and security specialists. They possess in-depth knowledge of all major cloud platforms and the nuances of each migration approach. No challenge is too big, no detail too small for our dedicated team. 
  • Ongoing Support: Our partnership doesn't end with migration. We provide continuous monitoring, proactive optimization, and ongoing support to ensure your cloud journey remains smooth and cost-effective. We constantly look for ways to improve your cloud performance and extract maximum value.
  • Handoff: Your existing team members will learn new approaches, processes, tools and fundamental shifts in the way software is built that can be used for future projects.
"Bardia and the Lolay team did an outstanding job developing our mobile app. He and his team are consummate professionals who consistently deliver quality mobile solutions on time!"
Cathleen Warren - PMO, OpenTable

Our Approach

We provide extensive cloud expertise and leverage a comprehensive suite of tools and frameworks to ensure a seamless, efficient, and successful migration experience:

Assessment and Planning Tools:

  • Cloud Adoption Frameworks (CAFs): We employ cloud-specific CAFs, such as AWS CAF, Azure CAF, or Google Cloud CAF, to guide strategic planning, assessment, and migration execution. These frameworks provide comprehensive roadmaps for success..   
  • Migration Assessments: Tools like AWS Migration Evaluator, Azure Migrate, and Google Cloud Migration Analyzer help us assess your current infrastructure, application readiness, and potential costs to create a tailored migration plan.

Migration Tools and Services: 

  • Data Migration Tools: We utilize tools like AWS DataSync, Azure Data Box, and Google Transfer Appliance to securely transfer large datasets to the cloud efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruption.
  • Application Migration Tools: Depending on your application requirements, we employ lift-and-shift tools (AWS SMS, Azure Migrate, Google Migrate for Anthos) or replatforming/refactoring tools (AWS App2Container, Azure App Service Migration Assistant, Google Cloud Endpoints) for seamless migration.

Management and Optimization:

  • Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs): We use CMPs like CloudHealth, Scalr, and CloudBolt to manage and optimize your cloud resources post-migration, ensuring cost-effectiveness, performance, and security.
  • Cost Optimization Tools: Tools like AWS Cost Explorer, Azure Cost Management, and Google Cloud Billing provide insights into cloud spending, enabling us to identify areas for cost savings and implement optimization strategies.

Security and Compliance:

  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) Tools: We leverage CSPM tools like CloudGuard, Azure Security Center, and Google Cloud Security Command Center to continuously monitor your cloud environment for potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with security regulations.
  • Post-Migration: We utilize tools such as Chronicle, Cloud Armor, GuardDuty, Inspector, and Macie to help secure your technology. 

Lolay has built a reputation helping Fortune 500s and startups move thousands of servers and exabytes of data. Contact us when you’re ready to soar to new heights in the cloud or if you’re looking to shift back to on-prem.

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