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Fully-managed, high-performing and 100% dedicated software development teams.
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Not all teams are equal. At Lolay, we handpick core and specialized teams for your specific needs. They will take full direction from you and your team, but we are accountable for delivering world-class software. The cost would be less than or equal to in-house teams.

A core team structure includes experienced pros that can take any project to completion; Product, Design, Architecture and Engineering. If your bespoke project calls for it, we will then layer in deep-level experts that focus on anything from AI to Z (programming language).

How We Do It

1. Initial Meeting. It starts with a call, Zoom or Meet where we learn more about your project and needs.  

2. Team and Proposal. We draft an end-to-end proposal and assemble the team for you. This can include:

  • Monthly Cost and Commitment: On average, a typical core team will cost $85k per month or more with a minimum 6 month commitment. This may change based on your needs, since your project may require more engineers or specialized team members.   
  • Team and Roles: A typical core team will have 2 Senior Software Engineers, 1 Product Manager, 1 Project Manager, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 Solution Architect and CTO-level participation; our leadership team. Bespoke and specialized resources can be layered in depending on your needs.
  • Flexibility: We understand that as the project progresses, your needs may change. For example, the project may start out with 4 Senior Software Engineers in the beginning, then 2 Senior Software Engineers, 1 Hardware Integration Engineer and 1 AI Engineer in a subsequent phase. We will adapt to your needs. 

3. Kick-Off. Once the plan and commitment has been agreed on, we will schedule the introduction and kick-off meeting with team members from both sides of the table. This meeting will provide project clarity, team member roles and accountability for overall project commitments and next steps. 

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Mobile & Web, Squads & Pods, Project Turnaround


Mobile & Web, Squads & Pods, AI


Zero to One, Mobile & Web, AI


Mobile & Web, Squads & Pods

What You Also Get

Squads and Pods are the most common engagement type, and there’s a reason why so many Fortune 500s and startups trust Lolay to build software. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Successful Delivery: Whether you are augmenting with a new squad or using Lolay exclusively, we make sure your project is successfully launched to the market.
  • We Bring the A-Team: We have a proven track record of success for projects big and small, from simple native applications to multi-faceted architectures that include hardware and artificial intelligence. 
  • CTO Access: Our leadership team will be available to you 24x7 and join kick-off and key milestone meetings. They are also constantly working behind the scenes with the team to ensure success.
  • Accountability: Once you’ve engaged Lolay, we take complete responsibility to launch your project quickly and with a level of quality that will exceed your expectations. 
  • Speed: Did we mention we are fast? Our experts really have seen and done it many times before, so we know the common and less common things to tackle that will improve speed and agility from start to finish.
  • Handoff: Your existing team members will learn new approaches, processes, tools and fundamental shifts in the way software is built that can be used for future projects.
"Bardia and the Lolay team became an extension to our development organization. They are creative, talented, and able to work in a dynamic changing environment. Most important, they produced beautiful reliable iOS apps that our customers love."
Alan Rich - CEO, ChromeRiver

We Build Trust 

We don’t just build great software, we form long-term partnerships built on trust. Here are a few more reasons why Lolay is a trusted software development partner for companies big and small:

  • Thoughtful Approach: We prefer transparent planning and open communication rather than overcommitting and taking a wild west approach. 
  • Go Above and Beyond: Our main goal is to delight you and your end customers. We will do whatever it takes to achieve that outcome. 
  • Incredible Experience: Ok, we try to stay humble, but we are good, really good. Our team members and leadership have decades of experience (individually) and share learnings frequently for the benefit of all of our clients and partners.
  • End Customer is Right: We take feedback from the end-user seriously and address key issues, enhancements and problems that pop-up, even after release.
  • No Nickel and Dime: There are no hidden fees or additional costs in our Squads and Pods model. You will get a dedicated team for as long as you need, and we do not charge overtime, expect revenue-share or take equity.
  • Rapid Solutions: When you have done this as long as we have, solutions to problems come naturally and quickly. Most of our clients are surprised at how fast we solve big issues.

Our clients have been with us for a long time, and many come back for their next project. We will have a squad/pod ready for you when you need it.

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